iCAMView RS232 Add on
NetFeeler Mini
NetFeeler Mini Description (click to enlarge)

NetFeeler Mini is designed as an environmental monitoring center. It is capable of detecting changes in Temperature, Humidity, Water presence (for flood warning) and receive signals from up to a combination of 8 other RF sensors.

If any of these sensors are triggered. NetFeeler Mini will beep and at the same time trigger iCAMView PRO to send out an email notification. The user can then log into iCAMView PRO to remotely monitor the situation using a standard web browser.

Once NetFeeler Mini is connected to iCAMView PRO, two additional webpages will appear. They are Security Settings page [ see image ] and Security Status page [ see image ].

NetFeeler Mini can be assigned to identify up to 9 differently RFID device. One fixed ID each for Smoke sensor and Gas sensor, and the balance 7 ID can be used for any combinations of RF Door / Window, PIR, Glass break or access sensors.

RFsmoke Wireless (RF) Smoke Sensor
Sensor Type: Ionization / Photoelectric
Battery operated
RFsmoke Wireless (RF) Gas Sensor
Adaptor: 9V
RFdoor Wireless (RF) Door / Window Sensor
Battery operated
RFpir Wireless (RF) PIR sensor
Battery operated
RFglassbreak Wireless (RF) Glass-break sensor
Adaptor: 9V
  1. Built-in sensors to detect changes in surrounding temperature and humidity .
  2. Built-in wireless RF sensor.
  3. Use with Wireless Smoke Sensor to detect presence of smoke.
  4. Use with Wireless Security Sensor to detect unauthorized access.
  5. Monitor changes in environment thru the internet.
  6. Able to send TRAP notifications via email.
Temperature Specification:
Detection Range : -40°C to +125°C
Accuracy : ±1°C
Response Time : 10 seconds in moving air

Humidity Specification:
Detection Range : 0 to 100% Relative Humidity   Non-Condensing
Accuracy : ±0.5% Relative Humidity
Response Time : 15 seconds in moving air.
Temperature range : -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

Radio Frequency (RF) Specification:
RF Range : 30 Meters with a clear Line-of-Sight
Frequency : 315 Mhz
Receiver Sensitivity : -106dB

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