Identify a Counterfeit Product :

Mega System Technologies, Inc. DOES NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT to any of these counterfeit units. You are to revert to your reseller for solution.
How to differentiate between Authentic and Counterfeit Units
Web User Interface on authentic iCAMView units Web User Interface that has been phased out
Authentic unit Counterfeit unit
Authentic unit allows user to choose up to VGA resolution or as low as QQVGA (160x120) Counterfeit unit only show image selection up to QVGA (320x240) resolution
Authentic unit Counterfeit unit
Authentic unit (left) only has 5 ventilation holes
The manufacturing label will show: Serial Number(S/N), Model NO., MAC address, Login and Password. There are unique master login and passwords.
Known issues with Counterfeit Units
  1. You are unable to access the unit even if you replug the power. The unit no longer respond to your actions.
  2. If you are currently using hardware version HCAMV. This hardware has been phased out by MegaTec. Current hardware version are HCV7x and HCV9x.
  3. All iCAMView product has a 10 digit Serial Number, printed clearly at the back of the unit.
  4. You get the word "Server No Response" when it was working well previously.
  5. Unable to access unit due to hardware failure.
  6. Motion Detection failure.
  7. Red / Yellow light blink alternating.
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