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The following page is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions with regards to iCAMView usage and issues.

If you encounter a problem that is not listed in this FAQ, please email our Technical Team for assistance. Let us know about it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q8b25: How to use iCAMView with Active Webcam (version 11.2)

Graphics courtesy of Jonathan Lewkowicz.

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Q8828: I've signed up, entered my camera information, set up an account. Checked on my web cam server and found the default domain name to be what I set up. When I type (http://sample88.icv99.net ) where sample08 is the domain name, it comes back as "Page can not be displayed" on Internet Explorer. How come it does not allow access from a computer using sample88.iCV99.net?

When I log into my account at www.icv99.net, I can see the camera and it shows it is online. I click on the eye and it will show a picture.

I can even access the camera by entering my IP address within my network.

The service are setup correctly, but these are two different types of service.

Type / Method 1: iMage Server located at http://www.iCV99.net
This is designed as an easy connect feature. Once activated from your LAN Web User Interface (Advanced --> iMage Server) you can then login to the www.iCV99.net website to view the video. However, this method allows you to view video ONLY, you are not able to login from remote to manage your Web User Interface.  See Q8824 on router setting, if necessary.

Type / Method 2: DDNS domain name located at http://ddns.iCV99.net
This is the other method to see video stream over internet.  Each unit comes pre-assigned with a domain name (example: 3921234567.iCV99.net, where the numbers are the product unique serial number). From the Web UI, just goto Basic Settings --> Network --> enable free DDNS and you can use that domain name.

(Note: consider also using another 3rd party DDNS to provide a back-up in the DDNS server is down)

However, you must also setup Port Forwarding on your Router. You MUST open LAN port 80 (TCP) to WAN port 80 (TCP), and another LAN port 9001 (UDP) to WAN port 9001 (UDP). Once you have done this, than from any PC that is connected to the internet, you can just type http://3921234567.iCV99.net and you will login to the Web UI.

In this case the default domain name http://3921234567.iCV99.net has been renamed to http://sample88.iCV99.net

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Q8827: How to do a Hardware Reset (for HCV91 & IP-07 models only)
HCV91 units have a hardware reset button located at the back. To factory default;
  1. Unplug the power and LAN cable,
  2. While holding down the pin-hole reset button, replug the power. You'll notice the both the LAN light blinks 3x then goes off. The system will restart and the LCD will show "0".
  3. While still keeping the pin-hole button held and wait for about 45 seconds. This cause the system to delete, reset and reboot.
  4. The LAN lights will blink once signal the reset. Once you see the LCD screen display comes on, you can release the pin.

The unit should now be reset to factory default and will reboot. Connect the LAN cable and it will search for the DHCP IP.

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Q8824: I have setup and log in to http://www.iCV99.net but after clicking on the eye icon, the page says "Cannot find server" or I just see a black screen.
A couple of possibilities;

Possibility 1: Generally, no setting is required on the router. However, on some routers the UDP port will be blocked. To resolve this, you need to do port forwarding for UDP 9001 port. See the following illustration. Note: Setup name / procedure may be different on your router.

Possibility 2: If you have set a User Account from the server's Web User Interface (Basic Settings --> Account Settings --> User Account). Than you must also enter that information in your www.iCV99.net account.

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Q7B06: I would like to create a URL link to access images from my webpage.
Note: Applicable to HCV91 firmware *.CV91.7B06 and HCV73 firmware *.CV73.7A02 and above only.

Video streaming on webpage can be achieved using META / Java script.
[To view camera image]
user: user account
password: user password
cam: 1,2
1: camera A
2: camera B

[To control camera direction]
user: user account
password: user password
cam: 1,2
1: camera A
2: camera B
command: 1,2,3,4

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Q1. I have lost / forget the password I set and I cannot login to the iCAMView server anymore.
To reveal or change your password:

1. Goto your PC that is in the same LAN as