iCAMView_ICV Software
Software Introduction

Each iCAMView device is bundled with a couple of free software. These are designed to assist the user in locating and managing multiple iCAMView.

iCAMView Web Interface | iMultiView | iCAMView Utility | iMage Server | DDNS Server
iCAMView Web Interface:
The Web User Interface is used to configure all the settings related to iCAMView features and functions. Since the firmware is already built-into the device, there is no need to install any drivers / software before using. Once the user logs into the device using a standard web browse, they can start to configure and use the product. The main features of this program are:
  1. Live Camera Viewing using ActiveX or Sun Java.
  2. Detailed Event Log, with ability to list according to severity and type of events.
  3. System status check.
  4. User Account settings (up to 8 different accounts).
  5. Support DDNS, PPPoE and STUN server.
  6. Motion Detection, including scheduling up to 4 different time slots.
  7. Image Recording, schedulable for different time slots.
  8. Email notification.
  9. Ability to send and save images to a FTP server.
The features are by no means limited to the above as more and more new features are being continually added.

iCAMView Web Interface. Click on image for a bigger picture

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Managing just one iCAMView within a LAN can be easily done with the above web interface. However, when there are more then one iCAMView, management of these is a lot trickier and cumbersome if the web interface continues to be used.

iMultiView is a software that seek and list out all the available iCAMVIew in a LAN. If needs be, the user can also list iCAMView located on the internet here.

iMultiView allows the user to;
  1. Monitor and manage multiple cameras.
  2. Set motion detection for individual cameras.
  3. Drag & drop camera icon to desktop, and view as and when need.

iMultiView Program. Click on image for a bigger picture

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iCAMView Utility:
iCAMView internal IP address can be easily located by looking at the LCD. But, this becomes cumbersome when you have more than one or if iCAMView is fixed to a hard to get location.

iCAMView Utility is programmed to locate and list all the iCAMView IP in a LAN. The user then highlight the unit and click 'Launch iCAMView' or double click the IP address to launch the iCAMView Web Interface.

iCAMView Utility allows the user to;
  1. Locate iCAMView IP address.
  2. Perform a step by step setup.
  3. Launch iCAMView Web Interface.
  4. Configure IP.
  5. Upgrade firmware.

iCAMView Utility Program. Click on image for a bigger picture

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